Agents ‘burdened with house fees’ to protect house

Agents in south-east Queensland are being paid to “protect” houses in the wake of the flooding and have been told to make sure the homes are properly maintained, a hot house agent has said.

The state’s housing watchdog is looking into a complaint by a former agent, who said he had been forced to make an annual $40,000 home repair bill.

The State Council for Superannuation, which oversees the state’s retirement savings scheme, has been told that the agent’s “services” included a home inspection and a $40-a-day maintenance fee, which agents are not allowed to refuse.

The agent said the “protection” was needed to ensure that agents were not left “screwed” by the costs of repairing houses in areas with flooding.

“The home inspection is really crucial,” he said.

“When I do it, I’m paying for it.”

But the state government said it was not involved in the home inspection process and that it was “not a decision that the council makes”.

It said it had not been involved in setting the home agent fee.

The former agent said he did not believe his annual home repair fee was “a good use of my services” and that he had a “duty of care” to his clients.

“I’ve seen some very, very distressed families that have gone into a deep depression, where they have lost everything and I’ve just taken the money to help them out,” he told ABC radio on Monday.

The agent, whose name has not been released, said he made about $35,000 a year.”

I’m a little bit of a risk taker, I take risks.”

The agent, whose name has not been released, said he made about $35,000 a year.

The hot house industry has been hit by recent flooding in south Queensland, with the state facing an expected $2.5 billion bill for damage caused by the floods.

The Government has also been forced into emergency measures, including paying for “floating homes” to house people stranded on the coast, after the state declared a state of emergency.

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