Why we need to get rid of house agents

The home agents are a vital part of our local police force.

But the practice is under threat, as the city of Perth faces a budget shortfall.

With the Australian Bureau of Statistics saying the population will double by 2034, the police force is facing a $1.3 million budget deficit.

That’s a lot of money to spend on a workforce that’s already understaffed and underpaid.

We’ve had a couple of people who have come in and said, ‘You know what?

I’m leaving.

This is not what I want to do.

I’m not doing this job.

I’ll just be a contractor.’

And I say, ‘Oh, you’re right.

I’ve just never been the type of person that would leave a job.’

So, we have to find ways of getting rid of the house agents.

But it’s also important to remember, there’s a very, very small number of people that actually do this work.

They’re the ones that we need, not the other way around.

What’s happening in Perth has really been devastating to the service.

And we have a problem in that we have over-stretched staff.

So, how do we get those people back?

The answer is to make the home agents pay a lot more and to get more people involved in policing.

The city council recently voted to raise the salary of a house agent to $130,000.

That would mean the house agent would be paying about $400 an hour more.

But that’s only half the amount they would be making if they were making $110 an hour, which is what they’re making now.

They have to make $220 an hour to keep that position.

The salary of the current home agent is $115,000 a year.

The new salary will go up to $140,000, or about $80,000 more.

The home agent would also be required to work overtime and take home a $50,000 bonus.

The money for these changes is being raised through the introduction of the Home Agent Allowance, which has been proposed by Perth’s Chief Commissioner, John Williams.

The allowance is intended to give home agents a bit more flexibility to meet the demands of their job.

We need to make sure that they can still do the job.

But if they can’t, then the police should be able to do the work better.

So far, only about one-third of the money raised through this allowance has gone to the home agent.

So it’s been a pretty modest increase.

There are a couple other measures that the city council will be putting in place to increase the number of house agent agents, but these will be small and targeted at the smaller numbers that the police are facing.

There is a $4,000 per year bonus for the first home agent, but it will go down to $2,500 per year for the next two years.

If that doesn’t help, then we have another measure in place that will increase the amount that the house agency can be paid.

This will mean the home agency will receive a bonus for every year they’re paid $4 or $5,000 in salary.

So if the home agencies salary increases to $70,000 or $80

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