Overpriced house agents sues sunderlands overpriced mortgage

A new lawsuit has taken aim at the agents who sold sunderlander homes for $6,500 a month, and the way agents are paid for their work.

The lawsuit was filed by a group of home buyers who said agents at agents, in particular, are overpaid and have been underpaid for years, even as the market has fallen sharply in recent years.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York, and alleges agents at agent olive houses were overcharged by an average of $2,600 a month.

The complaint, filed by the homeowners’ association, also accuses agent olivehouses of charging fees that the homeowners could not afford, and charging the homeowners for insurance that they could not pay.

The homeowners’ complaint seeks to recover more than $20,000 from agents who allegedly sold their homes for more than six times the asking price, as well as damages and punitive damages.

The homeowners’ attorney, Alan W. Pfeifer, said he would file the lawsuit if necessary.

The lawyers representing the agents said they do not agree with the homeowners.

They said that agents are hired to make a sale and are paid based on a range of factors, including the value of the home, the availability of the loan, the market and the need for the buyer to pay off the loan.

“The buyers of these homes are making a living by their hard work, which we believe is being unfairly penalized by agents,” said Peter K. Gorman, an attorney for agents at olive houses, in a statement.

The agents have said that the lawsuit is not about the sunderlanders, but rather their inability to afford their homes.

Agents have said they only accept payments up to $4,500.

Gorman said he hopes the lawsuit will help the homeowners recover their money.


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