House agent cannich reveals ‘no way’ he’s not a scammer

This is the story of an agent who says he’s “not a scammy agent” but a scam.

In November 2017, Cannith was asked to investigate a scam in the UK called ‘Dangerous’, where he found two individuals, one of whom was an agent from the same company as the person who was in the video.

Both agents had bought a property in London, which Cannith and his team used to buy a ‘pumpkin farm’ and a ‘dairy farm’ for the purpose of creating fake invoices.

The scheme was eventually shut down and Cannith’s team was banned from selling the properties, which was an offence.

In 2017, the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee published a report titled “The Growing Threat to the Future of Money” which found that more than 70 per cent of online scams were now conducted by individuals posing as legitimate companies, and that there were “significant risks to the safety of the UK’s financial system”.

Cannith’s own company, CIM Group, is registered in the Netherlands, and he says he had “never been aware” of any fraud that might occur.

“It’s impossible to verify if any of these people are real,” Cannith said.

“I don’t know how to check, I don’t even know if there’s any of them.”

But he admitted that he and his staff did some research into the UK online scam, and found that there was a “high risk” of fraud.

“What I found is that there’s been a lot of cases around the world where there are lots of scams that look legitimate and the fraudsters don’t seem to have a lot in common,” Cannich said.

It’s important to note that these people don’t necessarily need to be members of a legitimate company, Cannich says.

They could be a group of people looking to use their connections with a legitimate business to create false invoice documents and make money, he added.

“There’s a huge risk of fraud, but also of people being duped,” Cannisthe said.

He said it was important to avoid being fooled by an “underhanded scheme” and that “the real danger is if they’re using someone else’s information to create bogus invoicing documents and they’re making money off the scam”.CANNITH, who was previously the chief executive of Digital Marketers Group, said the online scam has not been around for very long.

“You have to look back a couple of years, to the days of people creating fake email addresses, you’ve got this whole scam thing.

It’s really not that big a problem, we don’t see a lot,” he said.

But he said the issue is “growing” and “the biggest threat to the UK in the digital world is the rise of scammers”.

“This is not something that has gone away,” he added, adding that the “biggest threat to our financial system is not a single individual scammer but the scamsters who are using different names to take advantage of different types of people.”

In response to the House Select Committee’s report, Cim Group CEO Jonathan Leech wrote to the Commons Home Office.”CIM Group believes that it is in the public interest that the Government take steps to ensure that any new rules are clear and transparent, and in accordance with existing EU law, which prohibits the use of anonymous emails to commit fraud,” he wrote.

He also wrote that the company “strongly believes” that the UK Government has “overreacted to the growing threat to financial stability posed by the growth of online scammers and fraudsters, and we have been unable to find any evidence of criminal activity on our end”.

“It is vital that the law is amended to make it clear that the use and threat of anonymous email addresses by fraudsters does not amount to an offence, and it is also vital that we continue to work with our European partners to strengthen the UK cyber-security regime.”

Cannich said he is working with the Government to “build a system to make the UK a safer place for businesses and consumers, and this includes a new, robust online fraud detection system”.

“We have been able to prevent the growing of a huge fraud bubble in our UK and abroad, and have worked with the UK to build a comprehensive new anti-fraud law, and our team has now been given the opportunity to review it,” he explained.

“We hope to have that review by the end of September.

We look forward to a positive outcome.”‘

No way’ Cannith is not ‘a scammer’ but a fraudster, he saidCanniths claims to be a “scam artist” but he has no criminal record, Canniths said.

Cannihart said he believes that “fraudsters are trying to take away money, steal from customers, and do all kinds of things”.

“They are trying every way they can to


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