Real estate agent who buys house in Amsterdam’s Kings housing is sacked

Real estate agents in Amsterdam have been accused of buying houses for a high price and selling them for low prices.

A spokesman for a housing agent told local media: “The agent has been sacked.

The agent was not authorised to do so.”

The agent was fired after the agent was accused of selling a property for over a million euros.

The spokesperson said the agent sold the house on May 29 and the agent bought the property a week later.

The agent also bought a property in Dordrecht for 10 million euros, which he later sold for 12 million euros and returned the same day for another property.

In a separate case, a real estate agent from Amsterdam said he sold a property on the Amsterdam waterfront for 11 million euros but then later sold it for 12.5 million euros when he realised the property had been used by the mayor’s office as a residence.

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