The Loughborough house agents who were hit with a ‘snooping’ raid

A Loughman Street house agent has been hit with “snoop-sniffing” raids by the Greater Manchester Police after it was alleged he failed to register a vehicle and had “misappropriated” £6,000 worth of drugs.

In a statement, Loughton Street police said they were made aware of the allegations by “a member of the public” who “was involved in the alleged misuse of drugs” on Loughmans property in the early hours of Sunday.

“It is alleged that a member of staff at the property attempted to purchase a vehicle using the vehicle’s registration number and identification number, which was provided by the Loughham Street property owner,” the statement said.

It said officers attended the address on Sunday night and made enquiries to the address.

Officers then “went to the house on Laughan Road to conduct a search” and seized items such as “drugs, cannabis, cannabis resin, and a mobile phone which were allegedly used in connection with the alleged theft of drugs from the property”.

The vehicle had “no licence plate” and was “consisting of several vehicles”.

It was not clear whether the vehicle was registered to the officer or not.

A police spokesman said: “A member of our staff, who has been employed by Loughington Street, has been charged with misappropriation of property.

The matter is now before the police courts.”

The raid comes just weeks after Loughmonist house agents in Surrey were targeted with a “scooping” raid by the Metropolitan Police, which led to the arrests of five people, including a former MP.

But the Home Office says “there is no evidence” that “the alleged offences were connected”.

A Loughmont Street house officer was among the five arrested after a raid on the property. “

This is an ongoing investigation.”

A Loughmont Street house officer was among the five arrested after a raid on the property.

The home’s manager has since resigned from the service.

There have been at least three other police raids on Lighman Street this year.

Earlier this month, a former Liberal Party MP, David Lloyd, was charged with possession of a controlled drug.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

And earlier this year, a retired police officer and former police constable were charged with possessing a controlled substance and possession of child pornography.

Loughton House Agents, a London-based recruitment agency, has a turnover of more than £5 million.

(Image: Getty) The Loughtons’ solicitor, Michael Clements, said the raid was a “scandal” and said: “We believe there are other people in this house who were involved and that the police have a duty to investigate, not only in the Lighmans case, but across the wider London community.”

It comes amid reports of a rise in house raids by police across the UK.

On Thursday, police said a total of 12 people were arrested in five separate raids across England and Wales over the last month, with an increase in the number of raids by Metropolitan Police officers in the capital.

One man, who was taken to hospital after being arrested, told the BBC he had been targeted because he was “black, white and red”.

In February, it was reported a home in Surrey was raided after two of its officers were arrested for alleged drug offences.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said she is “concerned” by the increase in police activity.

She said:”We have to keep our communities safe, but the way we do this is to take people to court to prevent them being caught and prosecuted.”

We need to work harder at getting these people off the streets.

“Meanwhile, a report into allegations of child abuse in the Catholic Church, commissioned by the Church, is expected to be released this week.

Police have warned the report will show how vulnerable young people are to abuse.

This failure included inadequate supervision, lack of communication and an unacceptable failure to deal with complaints,” it said.


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