How to get rid of your house’s fake security guard

An Indian house agent may be the only one left in her village to keep tabs on the lives of the inhabitants, but if she is not careful she can become a potential victim of her own crimes.

The agent’s name is Vicky and she works for a firm called Hirez which is based in Haryana, and is part of a consortium of firms working on the ground in Punjab.

Hirez, like other contractors, has its own code of conduct, a set of rules which govern the way they conduct business and the conduct of their employees.

But the rules are also enforced by the state and enforced by an official who works under the auspices of the state government.

The official is usually a house agent or a villager who is paid by the firm to work as a house guard for the contractors.

The contract is set up by the contract administration and is administered by the Department of Human Resource Development.

Hires contract with the state is a contract for the protection of property and for the upkeep of the house.

Vicky, who asked not to be identified, said she worked at the house of a villa owner, but she could not afford to pay the contractor for the house guard service.

The house is under the control of a woman named Bibi who is a regular guest at the villa, Vicky said.

Bibi’s name, she added, is not mentioned in the contract.

Bibi is a resident of the same house.

The villa belongs to a family belonging to a Pashtun clan, who are not allowed to reside in the area.

The Pashtuns are in the same tribe as the Jat community.

The house has been used for the village for generations, but when the Jats moved in, they started destroying the houses and the animals.

“We tried to get the government to protect the property and animals.

The government only agreed to protect them.

But now we don’t know who is protecting us.

This is not the only time that we have been harassed,” she said.

She said the villagers started threatening her, saying if they knew that the house had a guard, they would attack the Jatis.

“The house agent said to us: ‘I don’t care if you go out, because I am in charge of your life.

I will not let you go.

If you are afraid, you should go home and tell your family’.

They even said: ‘If we catch you, you will be put to death’.

I told them, ‘No, I don’t want to be killed.

I am just here to keep the house safe’.

She threatened me with death.

The village is full of Pashts.

They do not like the Jati residents.

We were attacked, and they threatened us.

They said if we tell them, they will kill us.

It’s just like a game,” Vicky added.

She managed to escape after the house was ransacked by the villagers.

“My husband and I fled to the neighbouring village,” she added.

A Jat villager told the Hindustan Times that the Jaitis are also trying to destroy houses.

“People say that the villagers are targeting Jats.

But we have never seen any Jats living in a house like that.

They don’t live in a village like that and there is no one in the village to protect us,” he said.

He said the Jitis were being supported by the police.

“When the police come to the village, the Jis will come and threaten us.

We also got a letter from the state asking us to go to Harya and get our house fixed up.

We told the police not to go in the Jita area, but they told us to get our houses fixed.

They promised to come back to us in a few days,” he added.

Vickers claims the villager was not paying the house agent, but did not want to speak about her story publicly.

“We are happy that the villagers have come forward to get their house fixed.

We are also happy that they have been protected from the Jitu attack,” she claimed.

“I am happy to have the protection that they offer us.

If we go out and they see us, we will kill them.

They want to kill us all, but we will not do that.

We will keep going to the Jithi area.”

Vicky also claimed that the police in the neighbouring town of Bhubaneswar have come to her village and she had no choice but to go with them to Hizbul Mujahideen, a banned outfit that the state has designated as a terror group.

Vickies home is a “safe place”, but the villagers say they do not trust the police to protect her.

“No-one is protecting the people of this village,” said Vickers.

“But the police are trying to protect themselves.

They should have done something earlier to protect


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