What’s next for the Australian house agents?


We all know the story of the Australian agents who went undercover to infiltrate a major Australian drug cartel. 

They were tasked with infiltrating an organization that was running rampant, and were tasked to infiltrate the drug cartel and bring them down. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the life of one of these agents. 

And, we’ll be examining her past as well as her future.

 The house agent who infiltrated the Drug Enforcement Agency is no stranger to the spotlight, and is one of the best known agents in Australia. 

Her first assignment was to infiltrate an organization in which drug trafficking was rife.

This was an investigation into an Australian drug syndicate, and a number of the drug smugglers were involved in drug trafficking and criminal activity.

The agents then proceeded to raid a number locations in the country, including a house in Brisbane, a hotel in Sydney, and another in Melbourne.

All of the agents were able to make contact with the drug lords who were operating the syndicate.

During this time, a number agents were also able to secure a deal that would secure a large sum of cash for the syndicates own operatives.

One of the key players in this deal was James ‘The King’ MacLean, who was one of Australia’s biggest drug traffickers at the time.

MacLean was an extremely well-connected person, and had a number connections within the drug industry.

He had even been appointed as a member of Australia ‘s drug czar group, and would later become the head of a global narcotics syndicate operating out of Australia.

According to the official story, the DEA agents were arrested by MacLean when they raided his hotel, but there’s no evidence to support this.

They claim that the agents who were arrested did not even know that they were being targeted by Maclean, and they were merely looking for a drug dealer to bring down.

James ‘The Lord’ Maclean is still alive today, but he has passed away in 2017.

As an agent, you have the responsibility of getting the goods.

You have to know the facts, and you have to go through all the paperwork that goes with it.

It is a very, very, difficult job, and that is one that is difficult to do for someone who is a young person. 

But, this is a profession that is very difficult to come by, and many people are able to do it.

This is one example of a career that can be very rewarding.

When you’re an agent you are on the front line of a war, and this is what you’re asked to do.

Your job is to do what you are asked to, and to go wherever the fight is.

Agent Adam Sager was one such agent, and was one who went into a lot of trouble.

In a police sting operation, he was taken into custody for two days and then released.

That same day, he and his wife were also arrested for an unrelated drug offence, and released on bail.

However, within hours of being released from custody, Adam was caught and charged with assault.

Adam Sager is now in prison, and his family are now struggling to get his property back from the Australian Government.

What do you think of the story about the Australian Agents who infiltrated a major drug syndicates?

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