How the Leafs traded for Jamie Benn

The Leafs have made a number of moves this off-season, and have traded for some of their best players.

One of the big deals has been to acquire Jamie Benn from the Stars, who are trying to move him.

Benn will be a free agent after the season and the Leafs want to keep him, but the deal is not without complications. 

Benn’s agent, John Moore, told me that he would be in Toronto for two weeks to get a sense of what the Leafs were thinking about him and that he is expecting to have some information by next week. 

It will be interesting to see what the organization decides to do with Benn, given the lack of information on how the Leafs plan to handle him.

He has a cap hit of $4.5 million, but there is a chance he could get a deal closer to $6 million.

The Leafs would have to find a way to keep Benn and would have a very high price tag to do so.

If they can get Benn to Toronto, the Leafs could get the best player available, but they would have trouble finding a team willing to pay that price.

The Maple Leafs have some of the most talented forwards in the NHL and they need to make a decision about how to use Benn if he doesn’t leave. 

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