What happens when a house agent is sent in to check a family’s house?

The Times Of India , Feb 15, 2020 14:21:27 The house agent’s job is to verify the identity of the family’s main occupant and the identity and address of the person who owns the house, as well as the date, place and person.

The agent is also tasked with verifying the identity, title and occupation of the householders and their children, and verifying that the house is in good condition.

When a house is under the care of a family member, the agent will also conduct a check on the family members.

The house agents job is very similar to that of a maid or a housekeeper.

However, the house agent may have to perform other duties besides verifying the ownership and identity of a household.

A house is registered with the Land Registry through the name and address listed in the register.

The house agent checks the registration of the house.

A registered house agent must obtain a certificate of registration and a licence from the Registrar of Companies for his or her house.

The certificate and licence will be sent to the house’s owner and his or she can also request for a copy of it.

A house agent has to apply for registration as a houseagent.

A licence will cost Rs 1 lakh.

A licence holder is required to pay Rs 1,000 fee each month to the Land Registration Department.


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