UK house agents in blackpool to face prosecution for ‘pornography’

BLACKPOOL, England — The UK house agent who was caught on video exposing himself to an underage boy and then making a porno video of himself performing oral sex on the boy has been charged with “pornographic” conduct, a magistrates’ court in the capital has ruled.

The judge has dismissed a petition by the boy’s parents seeking an arrest warrant against the home agent.

The magistrates court in Blackpool, England, found the home agency’s “prosecution of a male adult, a child and a vulnerable adult, all with the same purpose and aim, is wholly unreasonable and wholly unjustified.”

The magistrate said the agents actions were “extremely harmful and extremely serious” to the child’s life and “to the lives of the other children involved,” and ordered them to pay a total of $4,600 in compensation.

In their petition, the boy and his parents said their son, who is now 18, had been “disturbed, distressed, embarrassed, angry, upset, frightened and embarrassed” by his home agent’s actions.

According to court documents, the magistrates said the boy “is now a victim of serious sexual abuse and the effects of his conduct are severe and lasting,” and that his life has been destroyed.

A spokesperson for the agency, which is owned by private company KPMG, said the home agents’ actions were completely inappropriate and were “not in accordance with any legal guidance.”

“The court has upheld the magistrate’s decision that the magis act of exposure was not in the public interest and is totally inappropriate,” the spokesperson said.

“The agency will appeal the decision.”

Magistrates’ Court magistrates in the city of London ruled on Thursday that the home department had acted “unlawfully” by charging the agency’s deputy head, and not its director, with “conduct which could constitute a criminal offence” and had “exceeded their powers in relation to the investigation.”

KPMG also denied a petition from the boy who says his life was ruined by his agent’s sexual misconduct.

“The conduct in this case was grossly inappropriate and was entirely inappropriate, and the home minister should have acted to prevent it,” a spokesperson for KPMg said.

Magistrate David Wylie said the magistracy had been acting “unnecessarily and unjustifiably” in pursuing the case.

Wylie also dismissed a previous petition from a child’s parents who said they were not “pleased” with the outcome of the case, and that the boy should be prosecuted.

It was “very disappointing,” said the mother of the boy.

“They did not take the right action, and now they are wasting taxpayer money.”

The home department declined to comment.

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