‘BromsGrove’ house agent busted over $2 million house purchase

NEW YORK (AP) An agent for the Bromsgroves mansion buying firm was arrested Tuesday on charges that he bought more than $2.3 million worth of homes for his clients.

The agent, who goes by the name “Bob” on his official LinkedIn profile, was charged with wire fraud and money laundering in federal court in New York.

Prosecutors say that on May 26, 2017, a former business partner of the Bromses bought two homes in Westport, Conn., and another in Greenwich, Conn.

The Bromsses told the FBI they had no intention of using the homes as living quarters.

In the Westport case, the agents were able to track the purchases through a mortgage broker.

The Westport home purchased in May, according to court documents, was worth more than double the amount the BromSgroves paid for it.

In Greenwich, the Bromsie bought the same home for $1.9 million.

The Bromsgrows have sold more than 1,000 homes over the years, and their office is a small space in a former hotel on the ground floor of a two-story brick house in the Greenwich section of Manhattan.

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