How to get a house agent in Perth

The process of getting a house agents licence is one of the most complicated aspects of the profession.

You need to apply, you need to pay a fee, you must get a licence.

The only way to get one is through a home agent’s licence.

“The home agent must have a minimum of two years’ experience of house agents, and at least three years’ knowledge of the local market,” a spokeswoman for the Home Agents Association said.

“You’ll need to provide a list of properties that you’ve represented in the past and the number of houses you’ve been in that you’re interested in representing.”

What you need a home agents licence forThe most important thing to remember about getting a home agency’s licence is to make sure you are not selling a property in your own name.

“When you’re seeking a home-based licence, we’re only looking for someone who’s licensed to represent properties in Perth,” the spokesperson said.

“You must also ensure that you have at least one person in the area who has the qualifications to do this.”

The spokesperson said there are a number of requirements before a home office can apply for a home department licence.

A home agent is required to have a valid professional qualification (Bachelor of Science in Psychology or related field) and at the least two years experience of representing residential real estate in Perth.

The home department can only be registered in one of two ways, the first being through the Residential Real Estate Association of WA (RERAWA).

The second is through the Rural Development and Land Development Board (RDBL).

Both require you to hold a licence in your local area.

The RDBL licence allows you to represent property in rural areas of Perth, and is issued by the RDBL in partnership with the RERAWA.

The home office licence allows the agent to represent a number, such as:A number of residential propertiesThe value of the propertyThe number of years a property has been in the home officeThe property is worth more than $2 millionThe property has a rental incomeThe property’s market value is more than the rental income of the agentThe property cannot be a residential propertyThe property does not have a security interestThe agent must also meet the following requirements:The RDbl licence can only last for one year.

The person must be employed full-time in the residential realestate industry, with at least 20 hours a week.

It also has a maximum of three years of experience as a home officer.

If you’re applying for the home agent licence in Perth, you’ll need a letter from the RDbl stating that you are qualified to represent residential properties in the city.

You can find out more about the RDBl licence here.

The RERAwa licence is for rural areas, and can only allow you to manage the management of residential realty in those areas.

If you’ve worked in a local real estate office for at least five years, you can apply.

However, you cannot work as a full-timer in a house office.

As well as being able to manage a residential realtor, you will need to have:A minimum of one year of full-term experience in the real estate industryYou must be working as a part-time home office employee, with no more than 30 hours a dayThe minimum wage in the regional area is $12.50.

This is a new licence, and it will be a two-year licence.

If you want a second licence, you are required to apply through the RDB and then have a home licence.

You’ll also need a document that shows you are working in the local realty industry.

This can be a letter that shows that you currently work in the industry, and a letter showing that you passed a written test.

You can apply online at or call 1800 737 731.

RERAwa has two licence types, a Residential Real estate and a Rural Development Licence.

The Residential Realestate Licence allows you access to properties for residential realtors and other commercial real estate professionals, and allows you:Associate a commercial realtor in the region with your own business and to conduct business as your own professional property manager.

Associate with a residential agent or professional realtor.

The Rural Development & Land Development Licences allows you an exemption from the requirements for the Residential Licence, and you can:Assist with the sale of property in the Perth regionAssist as a residential broker in the City of Perth and to manage commercial realtoring services in the rural areas.

Apply for the Rural Developement Licence online.

There is no fee for applying for a Rural Developed Licence in WA.

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