Home agents in Chichester accused of using ‘sexist’ comments in email, texts

An agent for a British-based home-agent company has been charged with three counts of sending an abusive email and texting threatening messages to a woman who had contacted him about a job at a home-improvement business in Chichagof.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said in a statement on Thursday that an email from the company’s UK-based executive was sent to a female client in Chichi, England.

The email said: “Your wife has sent a number of emails to you, which are so abusive you can’t believe them.”

The complainant told the CPS that she was “horrified” and felt “violated” by the emails.

She told the court that the home-agents’ website had an “open invitation to everyone to come and see my house, which is just a block away from yours”.

“They were telling you that you were just a cheap piece of sh*t and I could have your house,” the complainant told London’s Southwark Crown Court.

“They also wrote: ‘Your husband is going to be shocked by this and will be asking you to do something about it’.”

The CPS said the home agents “engaged in a series of serious breaches of the Children’s Act and the Sentencing Act in relation to this matter” and that the emails “contained offensive and abusive language, including threats of violence”.

The company was also accused of sending “a number of abusive, threatening and sexually explicit messages to an individual, including a member of staff, to the email address at the time of the offence”.

The CPS added: “The CPS are satisfied that this conduct has been serious enough to constitute an offence under the Serious Crime Act 2000.”

The Crown said the messages “contained messages of a sexual nature” that included “sexual innuendo and references to violence”.


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