Bright House agent commisions house sale

A Bright House Agent has commisioned a house sale in Australia for $2.5 million.

The agent was bidding for a four-bedroom house in the Melbourne suburb of Brookvale and had a lot of competition in the area.

The agent bought the house at auction for $1.6 million, a record price for a house in Melbourne.

Brimstone’s agents have been selling houses in Australia since the 1950s, and they’re now the largest house agent in the country, according to the Property Industry Association of Australia.

They’re also part of a group that operates a local house sale called Bright House Agents.

According to the association, they have a reputation for “high ethical standards, ethical communication, excellent customer service, and ethical business practices”.

The association also lists Bright House agents as “The Official Agent of the City of Melbourne”.

It says the Bright House Association promotes ethical, responsible business practices, a strong sense of community, and a high level of service to its members.

Bright House Agents in Australia are not required to provide a home buyer’s report, which is required by law.

House agents are not allowed to work in a particular community or region.

They are only allowed to operate in the same part of the state where they are licensed, which includes Melbourne, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

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