How to deal with house agents and trowbridges

The Irish daily has been told that the House of Representatives are planning to introduce legislation to limit the number of agents on the streets of cities like Dublin and Dublin City Centre.

The move would be welcomed by the Association of House Agents (HAS), which represents agents, as it would mean that fewer agents would be needed to protect the public.

It is understood that the bill is likely to come before the House in the coming weeks and it is hoped that it will be passed into law before Christmas.

The association have previously called for an end to the “unnecessary and unnecessary harassment” of house agents, and have called for a crackdown on “house agent behaviour”.

The House of Commons, however, are not taking the comments too kindly.

In a statement released on Thursday afternoon, a House spokesperson said: “The legislation to make agents and their staff more accountable will be introduced next week, and will require the approval of the Government and a public consultation process.”

The statement added: “We have seen reports of agents behaving in a very unacceptable way and the Irish Government will be working closely with the Association to ensure that it is properly implemented.”

Agents will be required to be licensed and pass an interview test before they can be employed.

“It is unclear when the legislation will be brought to the House for debate.

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice said: ‘The Government is committed to tackling all forms of abuse of our agents and agents are the frontline workers that keep the public safe.’

They will be subject to the same rules of conduct as any other public servant and they will be encouraged to work with the Government on the issues raised by the HAS.’

In a press release on Thursday, the Department for the Environment and Food said that it was reviewing its policies on the number and number of inspectors.’

We will be monitoring the impact of the legislation and taking further action if needed,’ it said.

The Department of Agriculture said it was also reviewing its policy on inspectors, but had no immediate comment.

Irish Independent


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