What is elephant house?

By Chris DempseyESPN Staff – SEATTLE (AP) — It’s the kind of show that’s easy to miss because you can barely see anything onscreen.

It’s the type of show you don’t watch when you’re bored or if you’re not sure if you want to see the show again.

And it’s the one that has been the source of so much debate on social media about what makes a good television show.

A show that makes you feel like you’re watching an episode of “Seinfeld” or “Breaking Bad” with a new, modern twist?

A show with an overarching theme that gets the point across, but doesn’t seem to get in the way of the plot?

A series that’s more focused on character development than action?

It’s not a new idea.

Many shows, like “The Bachelor” and “The Voice,” have tackled themes like empathy, family and loyalty and have had strong ratings, too.

But the debate on “The Elephant House,” a new series set in the modern-day circus, has been a bit different.

In the past, the elephant house has been used to create comedy and drama and to introduce some of the show’s biggest characters.

But this season, the circus is trying to sell the show to the public as a modern-style, family-friendly drama.

The elephant house is the story of a circus elephant who is trapped on the outskirts of Bangkok, where the show is set, and the only way out is to go on a journey to find a better life for him and his family.

The show stars actor Rangana Herath, who was born in the circus and has worked in the business for more than 25 years.

He plays a circus operator, and his character, Pong Kheng, is a circus owner and owner of the elephants.

Herath plays the main character and is often mistaken for an elephant because of his appearance.

But the show isn’t about him; it’s about the elephants, the people in the show and the circus.

“This is a family drama.

The elephants have no egos.

They have no pride.

They love each other.

They care for each other,” said Herath.

“This is not about a circus.

This is about a family.

That’s what I was trying to portray with this show.

And it’s a story of hope.”

Pong and his mother, Pongsak Pong, are also family.

They’re not circus owners, but they are very close.

They work at the circus together and have children of their own.

The other elephants in the episode are Pong’s father, Kheng Pong; his brother, Baw Pong and sister, Kha Pong.

The elephants don’t like each other and are constantly in competition with each other, and they can’t be bothered with their lives as a family because of their distance.

But they do care for one another and their animals.

Kheng Pongs was a circus animal trainer in Thailand before he joined the circus as an elephant operator.

His father taught him how to train elephants.

He later became the operator of the elephant circus, but the family was not involved in the industry.

Pong Khao, a former circus worker, and Kheng are now a circus owners.

They both have children and live in Bangkok.

“I am in a family business, so I wanted to be an elephant handler, but I wasn’t happy at the time,” Pong said.

“I was afraid to quit.

So, I decided to become an elephant owner.

I think I have more experience than any other elephant handler I know.”

Pongsak and Baw both are circus operators.

They also have children.

They said they love being circus elephants and their kids are very happy.

“When I was working in the Thai circus, we had this idea that the elephants are going to be a family, and that’s what this show is about,” Baw said.

Baw said he thinks his wife Pongsam has an advantage over the others.

He said he has a lot of friends who have come to Thailand for circus and they say they have more family connections than most people do in the city.

“We’ve had people coming up to me, asking me what I did in the world to be able to be so successful,” Baws said.

“But my wife has the most respect for me.

She’s a mother, and she’s very caring.”

Poo Kheng is the only one of the group of elephants that has a real family.

Pongsay, who has three other children, was born outside of Thailand, but he has never been to Bangkok and never planned to be one.

He was born with a birth defect that left him blind and deaf.

He had to live with his mother and sister and work as a circus helper.

He spent all of his time in the house and never went outside, never went anywhere.

His mother was a nurse in Thailand, and he worked at


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