5 house agents in Sydney to sell their properties for $1m: A guide

Aussie house agents are taking their homes from their agents and moving into the real estate market.

Here’s how they’re doing it. 1.

Colindale, Sydney A Melbourne-based house agent has owned and sold three houses since 2007, mostly in Sydney.

His agent, Chris Smith, has been selling houses to a local developer for $500,000, and in 2015 he sold a house in St Albans for $400,000.


Maitland, Melbourne A Melbourne home agent is also a master of house hunting.

In February 2018, he sold his house in Maitlands for $4.5 million.


Redfern, Melbourne The Sydney-based agent is the latest in a long line of agents to buy a home in Redfenn.

The first was Mark Rennie, who sold his home in 2010 for $2.2 million.


Bondi Beach, Brisbane Agents at Bondi beach are selling their properties to investors, according to the agent who lives in one of the houses.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the passion,” agent Matt Hogg said.

“I’ve sold lots of houses here, but I’d never done it as a solo person.”


Westfield, Brisbane The Brisbane agent is an early adopter of the real-estate market, and he has two properties he is selling.

“My agent is a great asset, and has helped us to build up our business over time,” agent Andrew Hogg told The Daily Telegraph.

“We’ve also had a good few properties sell in recent years, and that’s great news for us.”

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