How to report an abusive agent orpton, house agent complaints

How to complain to a house agent or ponster or other person who is abusive, threatening or abusive of you, your home or your property?

How to file a complaint?

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Find an agent house agent complaint advice house agent agents complaint information house agent dispute agent dispute resolution house agent investigation house agent support house agent home remedies If you think an agent has behaved badly or has breached your home’s home rules or has behaved in a manner that is unacceptable to you, contact the agent.

This is not an offence and the agent will not be prosecuted.

Contact the agent if: You’ve made complaints about the behaviour of the agent or solicitor and/or about the agent’s actions or behaviour over the last four years.

You are not satisfied with the response of the agency to your complaint.

You believe that the agent has breached a home rules, or breached a relevant legal requirement.

The agent has not dealt with your complaint or you are not able to find the agent by contacting the house agent in your local area.

You have no other option.

Contact your local police, or the NSW Fair Trading Commission (FTC), if you: Have a problem with the behaviour or the way the agent dealt with the complaint.

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