Hanoi Housing Agent Sues for $2 Million

The owner of a small condo building in Hano, Vietnam, is suing the Hano Hano property manager for $3 million in damages after she allegedly ignored complaints about the building and failed to pay maintenance and repairs on the building’s roof.

Kelley Hetland is also suing the building manager, who she said failed to keep the building habitable and the building itself livable.

“We don’t have enough space for people in the building,” Hetlanders attorney, Charles Hetlander, told The Hill in a phone interview.

“I have never seen a building that has a roof like that.

It has no windows.

It doesn’t have a roof at all.

There’s no way to make it livable.”

The building’s maintenance problems are one of many problems Hetlands problems with the Hualien building.

Heteland filed a lawsuit in 2016 claiming that she was fired for not getting her job back and was retaliated against for raising concerns about her health.

Hetland was hired in April of 2016 to work as a house agent for a Hualen house agent, but her contract expired in June.

She filed a complaint in September claiming that her contract was terminated because of a “lack of professionalism and integrity.”

“It is my understanding that the building owner did not pay me the wages that I was owed,” Hets lawsuit says.

“It was not a fair contract, and my pay was withheld because of my inability to pay the building maintenance.”

Hetlander says that in addition to the allegations of negligence and retaliation, Hetsels claims that she had to pay more than $3,000 to the building management for the upkeep and maintenance of the building.

She also claims that her manager was retaliating against her for raising her concerns about the roof.

The Hualin house agent has not yet filed a response to Hetlars lawsuit.

Hets attorney, David Eltzer, told the Hill that the Hetlemans lawsuit is not the first he has seen.

“She had an extensive complaint against the Housen [building] management, but it’s the only case that I’ve seen where the owner of the Huanien [building], the property manager, the owner was actually suing the owner, and the owner won the case,” Eltzers attorney said.

“So, she has the property management to blame for all of the problems with that building, but also her own employer for what happened to her.”

Eltzer says Hetlers lawsuit is a sign that Hualens owner has been trying to bully Hualians workers, as she has filed several lawsuits against the property managers in the past.

“If the Huesen [Building] management was the one that hired her to do the job, they should be fired,” Ellters attorney said, adding that she does not believe Hets claim that her managers retaliated is accurate.

“The Huanen building manager was never terminated, and that was a case of retaliation,” Etters attorney added.

“She was fired in October 2016, and her case was dismissed in May of 2017.”

Hets lawsuit does not address other Huali building issues, but Eltler says that other complaints have surfaced about the Haunanien building and that the owner has attempted to blame Hualiens employees.

“In this case, she’s been very aggressive about blaming her employees for the problems, and she’s also been very hostile toward her own employees,” Elam said.

“Her claim is that her own people are all negligent, and they’re going to be punished for doing their jobs.

But the truth is, she is blaming the building owners own employees, because they are not doing their job properly,” Elts attorney said in a separate interview.

Hutlands lawyer told The Associated Press that the claims are not true, as Hetles own workers are doing their work, and there are no plans for Hualis workers to be terminated.

Hettles lawsuit claims that the owners of the land and building are not liable, and neither party has any responsibility for any of the damage caused by Hetls negligence.


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