How to avoid house agents’ home invasion scam

The first thing you need to do when you’re being spied on by a house agent is to keep an eye out for the red lights and the sound of a gun.

If they’re not, you should.

“If you see them with a gun, you’re not getting anything out of it,” said Jason D’Angelo, a Los Angeles-based agent who has handled some of the most high-profile house agent cases in recent years.

“It’s just kind of a warning sign, and if it’s not a warning signal, you don’t get to talk.”

House agents and private investigators are not usually the first ones to show up at the door of your home, but some of them are.

In California, the police department, the sheriff’s office, and a few private investigators work with house agents and their clients.

In New Jersey, some private investigators also work with the police and a couple private investigators.

“The law enforcement agents and the private investigators that are working with the house agents, they are the most important element in this whole scheme,” said D’Angelis.

He says there are so many houses that house agents have been caught trying to commit crimes that it’s easy to get caught.

“I think it’s just one of those things where you know if you have a criminal activity going on, there’s a reason for it and you can tell,” he said.

“If you’re doing it because you want to protect your family, then it’s kind of hard to argue against that.”

If you know that you are being spammed by an agent, you can take a few precautions:Stay home, avoid areas where the house agent might be, and don’t drive if you’re going to be in a private residence.

Don’t go outside the home if the house is in lockdown or it’s a busy neighborhood.

You can also go to a safe house or call the local police department.

“The first thing that I would do is not to leave your phone or any of your personal information at home, and you should always have that phone with you,” said Leland V. Hynes, a New Jersey criminal defense attorney.

Hines also recommends that you call a friend or a neighbor, or go online and see if you can locate the person.

If the person is a known person, Hynes recommends calling the police, who will contact you.

“It’s not worth your time to go into an apartment with your phone in your hand.

They might know you are in there,” he explained.

“You can just leave the phone at home and you’re fine.

If it’s someone who is known, then you’ll be targeted by them.”

D’Angelo says it’s up to the house and the home agent to protect themselves from potential threats.

“As far as a threat is concerned, you are the target.

If you are not doing what they are doing, you won’t get any of that information, so you don,t know what they’re up to.

You can’t say anything, you’ll just be ignored,” he told ABC News.

“There’s a lot of stuff that you can do, you just have to make sure that you know what you’re saying and what you don’ have to say.”

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