How to Survive a Zombie Invasion

I was recently in a zombie invasion, so the thought of the zombie outbreak at the end of the summer really made me excited.

The first thing I did after arriving home was go to the bathroom, but there were still two zombies standing outside the door.

The one on my right was wearing a trench coat, the one on the left was a pair of zombie boots.

The trench coat zombie looked a little more comfortable, as did the pair of boots. 

 But the best thing about the zombie invasion was that it was not a zombie apocalypse, it was a zombie scavenger hunt.

There were no real rules, only scavenger hunts that I knew my parents and I could follow.

As we went out and walked around looking for food, we saw a large pile of dead bodies all around us.

It was as if the zombies had all gone out and eaten each other.

There was an odd, almost creepy smell coming from the pile of bodies.

I was very surprised when we finally reached the entrance to our house, and I felt a rush of dread.

We were in a house where no-one had ever seen the zombies before.

We knew that the zombies would come out at any moment. 

As we sat down at our kitchen table, I asked my mother what she thought about the zombies.

She told me that it would be best if we didn’t get too comfortable and just wait it out.

My father then explained that there was a certain way to deal with zombies, and that it is best to try and be the one to stop them.

The idea that zombies would have a problem with the smell coming out of the house was definitely something that I wanted to try to keep a close eye on. 

The next thing we decided to do was put a lid on the oven, and put it in the oven so that it wouldn’t burn.

The smell that was coming from my oven was completely unbearable.

My parents sat in front of the oven with the lid on, and waited.

After a few minutes of nothing happening, I finally heard a very faint click.

Then the oven opened and a huge group of zombies appeared.

They all started walking towards us.

My dad was the first one to get out of his wheelchair, and he was the only one that was wearing his trench coat.

He started running towards the group, and one of the zombies started chasing him, but I quickly caught up to him and knocked him to the ground.

I then put my hand on his shoulder and asked him what he was doing. 

I said, “I don’t know, but you’re the one who’s got to do something about this.” 

As he started to run, I started to shout, “What the fuck are you doing?”

I wanted my father to come out and stop the zombies, but he was just standing there, waiting for the zombies to come to him.

I started yelling at him, “Stop it!” 

As I was screaming, I felt my parents arms get pulled back by the zombie, and they started to fall to the floor.

I screamed at my parents to come and help me, but they didn’t have any weapons.

As the zombies got closer to us, I was getting scared.

I didn’t know what was going to happen. 

My parents told me to calm down, and to try not to panic.

I also asked my father if he would help me if I was going crazy.

He told me I was in no condition to help and I should just leave.

I said, “Mommy, I’m not scared of the undead.” 

He replied, I’m going to give you a hug, okay? 

He said that I should calm down and let him go.

I got up and ran towards the door to the kitchen, but the zombies were coming towards me.

I shouted at my father, “Dad, I don’t want to get hurt.

I just want you to stop the zombie attacks!”

I told him that I was afraid, and asked if he was okay.

I told my father that I didn`t want to die, and then I went outside and started to scream.

I ran around the kitchen in the direction of the kitchen door.

As I ran, I could feel the zombies getting closer to me.

As they got closer, they started dragging me around by my arms.

I tried to fight them off, but it didn`ts work. 

After a few moments of this, I tried my best to calm my father down. 

It took him about two minutes to get up, and after that, he was very calm.

My mom then told me what to do. 

“I’m sorry, but we`re going to need to find some food.

If we don`t find anything, we`ll have to go back to the basement and find food.” 

My father, however, was not so understanding. 

He began to yell at me, “If you don`re scared

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