Agents House is moving to new home after more than 10 years

Agents House has moved to a new home in south London after more, seven years, of operation in north London.

In the process, it has also acquired a third UK property, which is currently under construction.

The new premises, which was revealed by the company this week, will be the first home owned by the family company since the family bought it in 2010.

The news was welcomed by Agents House co-founder Richard Hodge.

“I’m delighted to welcome Agents House to the UK, we have had the most successful decade in our history and now we are proud to be the company of our future,” he said.

“We will be opening a new and expanded office in London next year, with the aim of further expanding our reach and providing more opportunities to our staff and clients.”

In addition, the new office will include a new, modern reception and reception room, a private lounge and a new kitchen and dining room.

“Agents House has a history of expansion in the UK and it has recently announced plans to expand its headquarters to a further 40,000sq ft.

A spokeswoman for Agents House said the company was looking forward to continuing its expansion plans and building on the legacy it has built for over 10 years.”

This is a great opportunity for the company and its staff to continue to grow and develop in the area of our business and we look forward to expanding further into the UK,” she said.

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