How to stop the ‘House of Cards’ gang of thugs

A group of British agents who allegedly plotted to commit an act of terrorism against the US were arrested in a joint operation by the US and UK.

The agents, who were based in the US, were nabbed by agents of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Monday.

The agents are being held in a US prison, but the identity of the arrested man is being withheld until charges are brought against him, a spokesman for the US department said.

The arrests came after the DHS said it was launching a criminal investigation into the plot and the possible misuse of US citizenship. 

The agency said the men are being prosecuted for conspiring to commit a terrorist act, making or purchasing firearms, conspiring to purchase explosives, and conspiring to kill a US person or property.

The US has accused the British agents of trying to “use the internet to spread their propaganda and engage in cyber attacks against the United States”. 

The arrests come after the UK government said it would step up cooperation with US authorities over the case.

The two agents arrested on Monday were not the only members of the group to be caught on the internet.

The BBC has learned that another UK member of the House of Cards gang, a 19-year-old named John, is on the US terrorist watch list.

The US government is not naming him.

The Home Office said he was an employee of the FBI, but declined to give further details.

John is not the first member of a British group of house agents to be arrested.

In September last year, two members of another House of Crows-related gang, the House Of Lords, were arrested on terrorism charges after an undercover FBI sting operation in the UK.

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