Blackburn Housing Agency rejects claims of racism at its recruitment site

BLACKBURN, England – Blackburn housing agent has rejected claims of racist and sexist behaviour at its site after a complaint from a woman claiming to be the niece of a Blackburn employee.

The Blackburn Guardian reports that Blackburn’s recruitment website, called Blackburn Homes, has been accused of discrimination and sexism in recent months.

The website claims to be a “platform to connect Blackburn residents and landlords to employers and recruiters in the local housing market”.

However, it has received numerous complaints of sexism and racism at the recruitment site, including one woman who said she was told by a Blackpool house agent that she had “lost her accent” because she was white.

The complaints have been backed by the Blackpool Association, the local Labour party, Blackburn Labour and the local Blackpool Council.

Blackburn Housing has not yet responded to the Guardian’s request for comment.

In a statement, Blackpool Housing said: “We have been working with the local party, local party leader and Blackpool City Council to investigate this issue and have received the complaints.”

The Blackpool Homes recruitment site is a fantastic opportunity for Blackburn and Blackburn families to find a good home for their families.

“We have a team of experienced house agents working at the Blackburn site to ensure a smooth transition for all members.”

The Guardian reports there are about 200,000 Blackburn homes in the UK.

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