Pazuri House Agents are ready to bring ‘death to the king’ in a raid on Pazurijas house in Hyderabad

Pazuria’s house agents, the Pazu, have been ready to go at any moment in the wake of the murder of Pazuru’s son Pazureen, a 24-year-old resident of Hyderabad, police said.

According to sources, Pazuzuri house officials have been meeting with Hyderabad Police to find a suitable place to raid the Pizurajas house.

“Pazuri agents have been preparing for the raid for two days.

They have a list of people that they have arrested in the past few days and have also made contact with Pazurs son,” an officer said.”

In case the police is unable to find the spot where the raid should take place, Pizuri agents will be in the field in a few hours,” he said.

Police had launched a massive hunt for Pazudias son, who was killed in front of his parents house in May last year.

His body was found in a pool of blood on the ground outside his home.

Police said that Pazudi’s son was a resident of the house.

Police have arrested Pazuer’s son in connection with the murder.

The police has asked the people of Hyderabadi to help the investigation into the murder and bring the killers to justice.


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