What you need to know about the housing agent that stole your house

What you should know about a house agent who stole your home.

Read moreWhat you should do to protect yourselfThe real estate agent is someone who offers you a place to live, often to help you pay for a mortgage or property taxes.

They are also responsible for the sale of your home and helping you navigate the local rental market.

House agents are generally very good at helping people find a house to buy, but they often do it in a way that’s not good for the community.

When a house-selling agent gets caught, they can get a lot of bad press and can get their job terminated.

But the realtor who has the better reputation with the community is usually the homeowner who is in danger.

The law gives the home-selling agents power over the person who bought the property.

They can get the property back for a fee, but the law also gives the seller the right to sell the property if they don’t like what they have been offered.

If a home-sellers agent wants to get back the property, they have to get a court order to that effect.

If a homeowner does get the right-to-sell order, the home buyer has the right of notice and has to pay the cost of the property that was stolen, as well as any attorney’s fees, if it was the home agent who sold the property to the homeowner.

The homeowner can also ask for a court injunction if the home seller has refused to take the property and that is the agent’s fault, the court has said.

But a homeowner should still make sure the home is safe before selling it.

There are a few things you should look out for.

If you have lived in the house for a while, there may be a chance you have been over the legal age limit.

You should be careful to read the letters you receive from the home sales agent.

They may be asking for more than you’re able to pay.

It’s important to make sure that the person asking you for money is someone you know, says attorney John Schall.

A good home-sale agent will always take the best interest of the buyer into account, says lawyer Lisa Dickson, president of the New Jersey Association of Home Builders.


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