How to keep your company from being a bad place to live

A major housing agency is warning consumers to watch out for their corporate housing agents, after one was accused of selling apartments on Airbnb.

The Los Angeles County-based nonprofit Community Housing Agency said it’s investigating allegations that one agent on its network sold a condo on Airbnb to a client who paid $6,000 a month for a room in a $1.5 million condo building on Santa Monica Boulevard.

The agency, which serves about 6,700 clients, said in a statement it is conducting a review of the allegations and will take appropriate actions.

The agency also is conducting an internal investigation, the statement said.

The LA Times first reported on the allegations.

The company said it will not comment on specific allegations and declined to provide details on the investigation.

Airbnb, the online lodging service that is popular with young people, has more than 6.4 million listings in the U.S., and its business is booming, despite a recent crackdown on illegal rentals by California cities.

The association said the allegations are a violation of the company’s code of conduct and are not supported by facts and evidence.

Airbnb has vowed to work to ensure the safety and security of its members.

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