Australian house auction agent says he ‘wanted to kill her’ after he ‘tried to take her out of a car’

A man who claims he tried to take his girlfriend’s car out of the auction house where she was selling it and kill her has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Key points:Michael Smith pleaded guilty last year to manslaughter and assault charges in the death of 23-year-old Amanda CollinsThe woman died after the pair allegedly exchanged “rough words”The judge said he would impose a sentence of 10 years’ imprisonmentThe trial heard the two men had been arguing over whether or not the woman was wearing a dress at the time of the attackThe trial continues.

Michael Smith was sentenced to 10 years in jail and fined $1000 for each offence in October last year.

He pleaded guilty in the ACT Supreme Court in January.

At the time, he said he wanted to “kill her” and had “a few moments of anger”.

“I tried to run her over and hit her in the head with my car, but I couldn’t do it,” he said.

“I don’t think I should have done it.”

Smith said he drove to the auction in his rented Range Rover.

“This was not an ordinary day, it was a really stressful day,” he told the court.

“There were four people in the car and I was getting ready to drive off.”

When I got there, the lady in the red dress, I don’t know her name, came out of her car and said: ‘Hey, I have a car.’

“I said: “Are you sure you want to go in the front?””

She said: No, you have to go into the back.”‘

I had a few moments’The court heard Smith had been upset with the woman because he felt she had taken his car out.”

The lady’s daughter said: You’re going to kill me,” the court heard.”

He said: Oh, you’re going back in?”‘

I don’t understand why you want me to go’The trial also heard Smith was upset with Collins, who had been selling a new car for him.”

He said: I have an idea, you go in and I’ll kill you.””

He had a couple of moments.

He said: I have an idea, you go in and I’ll kill you.”

Smith was allegedly angry because the woman wore a dress in the auction.

“If you have a dress and I put a knife in your head, what would you say to me?,” he allegedly said.

Ms Collins’s father Paul said he believed Smith was “talking to her as if she was a dog”.

“He was talking to her like she was not a human being,” he recalled.

“You couldn’t see him as human.

He was talking about her as a dog.”

As soon as I heard that she was wearing the dress, he immediately turned and ran.”‘

It was very disturbing’Prosecutor Daniel O’Neill told the jury Smith had gone “into the back” of the Range Rover, with a “sharp blade” in his hand, to “put the knife in his head”.”

This has been described as a very disturbing incident and it has upset people,” he added.’

It’s a bit bizarre’The judge told Smith he would have to impose a “sentence of 10 to 15 years'” for each of the offences.”

That’s just the maximum sentence,” the judge said.

The woman’s family told the ABC they had hoped Smith would receive a life sentence.”

We have to say to him, ‘You’ve been involved in something terrible.

We know you have some issues’,” said Mr Collins.”

Amanda was a beautiful girl, we just want to be able to get on with our lives.

“It’s very strange and a bit strange to have someone who is involved in that type of crime and still go out and buy a car.”‘

The lady is a beautiful woman’The prosecution said the woman had been buying a new vehicle for Smith when the incident happened.

“Smith took his hand off the steering wheel and drove towards the car,” Mr O’Brien told the Court of Appeal.

“His hand was on the wheel.

It was very frightening.”

Mr O’Connor told the trial the woman’s daughter had said Smith had tried to put a “knife” into her head.

“But the lady’s wife told the police she was concerned about her daughter and did not want her to be seen in the street,” he argued.

“And the lady said she had been very disturbed by what had happened.”‘

We don’t believe she’s alive’Mr OConnor said he did not believe Smith was the killer.

“What we do know is that the lady is alive and we don’t see any evidence that she’s dead,” he alleged.

“So we don, we don’ believe she is alive.”

The woman was selling a $300,000 new car on the

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