What you need to know about the Hot House agent house rules

Hot House agents are responsible for the safety and well-being of their clients and employees, but they also have responsibilities for the health of the premises.

Here are some of the responsibilities that agents are expected to perform.


Ensure client privacy 1.1 Client privacy and security Hot House Agents are expected not to interfere with their clients, their guests or staff.

They should not enter or remain on premises that are not their own.

1 and 2.

Avoid distractions Hot House Agencies are not allowed to enter premises for any purpose other than the purpose of meeting clients.

They must be present when clients and staff are at the same time, unless there is a specific request for a meeting.

The person who makes the request must not be a client or staff member.


Exercise care when using a hot house agent 1.3 Agents must be aware of the dangers of overheating and not attempt to heat up their client by putting on a hot coat.

Hot house agents should not put on their coats unless they have received training on the dangers and hazards of overheated coats.


Be cautious of other guests Hot house Agencies must always be aware that they may encounter others who are not Hot House Agent members.

Hot House and Contract Agents should not leave their accommodation unattended, unless the Hot Houses are required to do so by law.


Never put hot water or hot liquids on a client Hot HouseAgents must always remove the client’s personal belongings, including but not limited to clothing, personal hygiene items, and personal items, from their accommodation.

They also must not leave any personal belongings unattended.


Ensure clients are comfortable and comfortable with themselves and their behaviour Hot Houseagents must always have a level of comfort and confidence in themselves and be aware and alert to their clients’ emotional needs.

They are not required to be in a position to make decisions for the clients and should act with the utmost care and discretion.


Provide personal hygiene products Hot House, Contract and Hot House-type agents are not obliged to provide personal hygiene product to clients, but agents are required not to leave clients’ personal items unattended or unrefrigerated.

Hot Agents must ensure that the personal items in their possession are not visible to clients or staff during the visit.


Be responsible for maintaining the premises The Hot House must ensure the premises are free from any hazard and that it is in a safe and sanitary condition.

It must ensure all customers are provided with a good cleaning of the accommodation and other facilities.

Hot Houses must also maintain and maintain a good working relationship with their Contract and Contract-type Agents.


Ensure personal hygiene measures are implemented Hot House agencies must ensure their staff is adequately trained in the use of personal hygiene and personal hygiene care products.

They will have access to such personal hygiene materials as necessary and will take reasonable measures to ensure they are complied with.

HotHouse agents should also be aware they are not the only people who wear protective clothing during the visiting period.

They may be the only person wearing a mask, goggles, face cover, face mask, or face shield.

They can also wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, boots, or rubber gloves.


Ensure hygiene measures remain in place Hot Houseagencies must ensure any personal hygiene equipment or personal hygiene devices are in place and maintained at all times.

They need to be aware, however, that not all agents are the same.

They have the opportunity to wear personal hygiene protective equipment, but this should be done only when they are required by law to do.

Hot agents must not take personal hygiene precautions during the client visit unless requested by a client.

Agents must take reasonable precautions to maintain personal hygiene as a necessary component of their work.

HotAgents should not use any personal protective clothing or protective equipment unless requested.

Agents should wear personal care products, but must be mindful of their own safety and hygiene.


Keep customers and staff informed Hot Househouses are required, and agents are allowed, to keep clients and their staff informed of their health and wellbeing.

Hothouse Agents must also take reasonable steps to ensure the client is informed of the status of their personal hygiene, personal health and safety, and their responsibilities.


Make sure clients are not left unattended Hot Househouse Agencies will be aware when the client has left the accommodation.

The Hothouse agent must be at the premises when clients leave the accommodation to provide information to the client regarding the status and health of his or her client.

Hot Agent must also ensure the clients are kept up to date on any changes to their personal health status.

Hot agent must also be able to provide updates on the client to clients and any other relevant information to clients.

HotAgent must make sure clients receive any relevant information regarding their health status, personal wellbeing and personal safety, including any updates on personal hygiene.

Hotagents must ensure they


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