A family feud sparks an epic fight in a rural house

SHIRLEY, England – A family dispute in a remote village has sparked an epic battle in a family feud that is tearing apart a town.

Shirley residents are demanding the resignation of a house agent who they say is acting in a way that is deliberately hurting the community.

Shirin Bowers says her husband, Tom Bowers, and his father, Frank, are in the midst of a long battle to get a house licence, which they believe is being used for personal gain.

“We’re having to live in a house that’s in shambles because they’ve broken our trust,” Ms Bowers said.

“They’re doing things like breaking down the walls to see what they can find out and they’ve made the whole town a disaster.”

She’s now calling on the local authority to stop its “criminal actions”.

“I’ve got a husband and I have a two-year-old daughter,” she said.

“They’re taking away our right to make decisions for our family and we’re getting in trouble for our decisions.”

Shirlington is one of two towns in England and Wales where people who have not paid their council tax are facing eviction, while in Wales a man who was evicted for not paying his council tax has lost his home and is fighting for compensation.

Mr Bowers has been in the community for 40 years, but says he and his family were forced out when the town council decided to sell a vacant house for £3 million.””

I’m asking that they respect the people of Shirlington.”

Mr Bowers has been in the community for 40 years, but says he and his family were forced out when the town council decided to sell a vacant house for £3 million.

“The council gave us a house for $1 million.

I’m not saying we should have paid that,” Mr Bowers explained.”

It’s the money that’s going to the council.

The council gave it to them to do with as they see fit.”

So what we want is the money back and they should be held accountable for what they’ve done.

“The dispute has sparked a massive row between Shirlington and the local council, which has been trying to sell the house for more than a decade.

The council’s deputy chief executive, Ian Roberts, said the council had been making “inadequate and unnecessary” submissions to the High Court and had “no intention of changing” its stance.

He said the issue was now before the Court of Appeal.”

A court of appeal is the best forum for resolving these matters,” Mr Roberts said.


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