The House Agent Who Killed My Husband: The Murder Of My Husbond in a Minehead House

The House agent who killed my husband had the power to kill me.

The man I loved dearly was in a minehead house, his life was in danger, I knew he was not going to survive.

So, I ran to the police station.

I told them everything.

I did not believe in suicide.

I asked for help.

I begged for help from my wife.

The police took my husband’s body away and gave him to the hospital.

I wanted to die, but I did it anyway.

I could not die.

My husband was a young man, a good person, who had come to me and offered to marry me.

He was in love with me and loved me.

I am very proud of my husband and I am happy with my life.

I have a good relationship with my children.

My children are very well-adjusted.

I love my children very much.

I pray for them and hope that they will be happy.

But there is a difference between me and the people who killed him.

I was a good man.

I had a good job and I had many friends.

I used to go to the cinema and I played a big role in the society.

My son was a very good actor.

My daughter is a beautiful girl.

I always loved my family and I loved my wife very much, and so I did what I could to save them.

I never thought that my life would end like this.

I prayed a lot, but it was not enough.

I needed help.

It was a hard time for me.

It would have been better for me if they had taken my husband away.

I thought that he would have died in a safe house, but he did not.

He took my life instead.

But I am grateful that I was able to save my husband.

When he was alive, he would say, ‘Him to my family.’

That is how I feel.

I thank God that he did the right thing.

I would like to tell my family that I did the same thing.

He would tell them that I took his life because he had a bad attitude towards me.

My wife was a nice woman, she is very obedient and obedient.

She never complained about anything.

She was the same as a mother.

She always took care of me.

She is my best friend and I pray that she will be my wife in heaven.

I do not want my children to know how I died.

I just want to die alone.

My father, my mother and my sister are all dead.

I can see that my wife and I did this for her and for them.

She died because of me, I did something for them, and she died because I killed her.

I want to know why I was killed.

It is hard for me to say.

My name is Abhishek Prasad, I am a father of five children, all aged around two years.

I work as a labourer in the mining town of Karjat in Rajasthan.

I started working as a miner as a young boy, when I was just 15 years old.

When I got married I had two daughters.

I think I am only 41.

I live in a house in Karjats, near the village of Thirukkari.

I got a job as a contractor in the mine, and I started to earn Rs. 10 a day.

I spent most of my time in the house, working in the field, in the shed, in cleaning the house.

But, I had to go outside to do the job.

My brother and I used this time to play cricket.

In the winter, the mine had to be closed and I got work as an apprentice.

But in the summer, the work had to stop because of the heavy rains.

My brothers and I were too tired to go out for the game.

I kept playing cricket, but my work did not keep pace with my family.

We used to work from dawn till dusk, in our houses, in fields, in mines.

When we returned home after our night’s work, my brother and my wife used to complain that my work was not good enough.

My family did not understand that I had been working too much.

They were not interested in my work.

I played cricket for them as well.

We would take the girls out for a walk after work, and then we would play cricket till we had finished.

The day after the game, my brothers and my wives would tell me that the game was too difficult.

They would say that I could have done more, that I should have played more cricket.

They used to say that if I did a better job in the next game, they would do the same.

They did not think that I would be able to do as well as they had been able to.

So when I took my final examination, I was very disappointed with myself because I did so badly. I said


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