When the cops went to the house agent’s home, they found the agent’s son’s face covered in blood

Posted July 31, 2018 17:59:30A family in Melbourne’s south-west is pleading with police to take action after a police dog found their own dead son’s body inside a house.

The family’s neighbour, David, told 7.30 he was awoken by the sound of a dog barking at about 7.15am on July 31.

“He’s a very nice dog, he’s quite a calm dog, so I thought it was a dog, I think he’s barking because he’s had a bit of a bit,” Mr David said.

“When I looked outside I saw a dog in a bush outside my house.

I was like, ‘Who is that?'””

I thought it might be a bit strange, but it was the owner of the dog who was very upset.”

The dog’s owner said the family had no idea the body was there.

“I think they had just moved in to the property and they didn’t know about it, so it wasn’t like they didn´t know what to do,” he said.

David said he contacted the police and the dogs owner, who claimed to have called the police on the property, but had not returned by the time he got home.

“The neighbour, I thought, ‘oh that´s a bit odd, it’s the owner who is being a bit unreasonable, they should have called’,” he said, adding the family was still “extremely upset”.

“He [the owner] said he had just left work and was not home when I got home.”

Mr David said the dog’s owners were adamant the dog was the dead son of the house’s agent.

“We don’t know who killed his son, so we don’t want to believe them,” he explained.

“But it is quite strange that someone would be so unprofessional to leave a body out in the open in the middle of the night in the street.”

Mr Cameron, the neighbour, said he was left shocked by the scene and said he wanted the police to do more to find the dead man’s family.

“That is quite shocking,” he told 7:30.

“And I don’t think I’m alone in that, other neighbours have had the same experience, that there are dead bodies in their front yard, and people just want to be able to find them.”

He said the owner had offered the family a $2,000 reward for any information about the dead dog, and the owner would not comment further.

“To do something to help us, I’m not sure how we could have done anything,” he added.

“My son is a wonderful dog, but the person who owns the dog, the dog owner is quite unprofessional and I think that needs to be addressed.”

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