Why does this house agent work at a bank?

The house agent who is known to the public as “Mr. House” has a reputation as a very hard worker and has earned the nickname “The Big Shot”.

But his real title is “The Agent”.

He is not just one of the top house agents in the country, he is also one of its most popular.

He has a very good reputation among house buyers, many of whom think he is an agent to get them a house loan or mortgage, or an agent who can get them to pay off their house.

According to research done by IIT-Bombay, a Mumbai-based think-tank, “The agent” earns between Rs 2 lakh to Rs 4 lakh every month.

The agent is usually in a position to offer a loan or a mortgage, said Shreya Singh, senior researcher at the think-Tank.

“This person has the ability to sell property quickly and he can earn a lot of money,” he said.

“He has the experience of the previous owners and is very savvy in terms of dealing with people and the bank.”

Mr. House is also the president of a Mumbai group of home agents called “Home Agent Society”.

“The main purpose of the Society is to promote home ownership among Indian house buyers and is also responsible for the home loan market in the city,” said the society’s president, Rajeev Kumar.

“It helps to get the best possible prices on home loans in Mumbai.”

A spokesperson for the association said the association has around 20,000 members and that the association’s membership was formed in 2006.

He said the group has more than 5,000 agents and more than 4,000 house agents, and that there are about 1,000 home loan agents in Mumbai.

The spokesperson said the agents are paid on an hourly basis, and also get bonuses and allowances.

But the spokesperson said that the pay does not come in the form of salary.

The house agents are also paid a bonus of Rs 5,500 to Rs 10,000.

“The agents can also be paid cash,” the spokesperson added.

The association also gives them the option to buy a house from the home dealer, and the home agent can take care of the mortgage, Mr. Kumar said.

The Association has a website that includes the agent’s name, profession and occupation.

The website also shows a picture of the agent.

“We are a real estate company,” said Kumar, adding that the agent has a lot to offer to home buyers and that he is in charge of a “world class team”.

The spokesperson added that the Society has a large number of agents in various locations in Mumbai and Delhi.

“In Mumbai, agents can find homes for sale for a price that are less than Rs 3 crore,” he added.

“They can also find homes in Delhi for Rs 4 crore.”

Mr Kumar said that if a buyer wants to buy property from the agent, they will have to go to the agent and give their bank details and deposit the money in his bank account.

The agents can then make an offer on the property and pay the buyer a cash advance or a loan.

“If the buyer is not willing to pay a cash outlay, we can take the money to the bank to deposit it in his account,” he explained.

In terms of a house, the agents said that a buyer has to pay close to Rs 3 lakh to get a mortgage or a house deposit.

But there is also a possibility that the buyer might not want to pay that amount.

The real estate agent said that most of the buyers come from the same social class.

“People from different social classes come to us to get homes.

They come to know that we can get a loan,” he told NDTV.

But not all buyers are happy with the agent services.

“I was very surprised when I was told that the agents could take Rs 1 lakh from a house sale for Rs 2 crore,” said Shreyas Kumar, a resident of the city.

The IIT’s research shows that the real estate agents can earn Rs 2.50 lakh to 2.80 lakh per month.

“For the agents, there is a gap between the actual income and the income they make,” Mr Kumar added.

Mr Kumar is also in the process of buying a house.

“When I told them I wanted to buy from them, they told me that I should pay Rs 2,500, which is less than I paid,” he was quoted as saying by the Times of Ireland.

“However, when I tried to tell them that I wanted a mortgage and was planning to sell the property, they gave me a loan that was much less than what I had expected,” he reportedly said.

But, the realtor told ND TV that there was a way for the realty agents to pay their dues.

“You can send your dues to a person who is responsible for selling the property


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