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How to spot a scam in house agents

The House agents in Salisbury, North Carolina, are not your typical house agents.They have no uniforms, no badges and are paid by their clients, but the agents do have a reputation for being trustworthy.In fact, they are known as the most trusted and well-respected house agents in the industry.They are a part of a community […]

Which house agents are trustworthy?

Agents are agents, and it’s not unusual to find one with a reputation for integrity.But agents aren’t necessarily the most trustworthy agents, according to a new survey of more than 600 agents conducted by The Wall St. Journal.And it turns out that, like most people, they may not be entirely trustworthy.In fact, some agents appear […]

Agents: ‘We’ve been working with the government for a long time’

Agents and house agents have been working closely together for more than 20 years, and they have all the advantages of being part of a family, said Bob Gibbs, the company’s senior vice president of real estate.The family is still in the game, and agents need to keep the family going, he said.“It’s an absolute […]

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