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How to avoid having to pay for house agents in the UK

Agents working for the London Underground will be required to pay the equivalent of an extra £10 a day, to ensure they are able to cover the costs of keeping the train running, the capital’s Transport and General Workers Union has announced.The union, which represents train drivers and staff, said it will now ask the […]

Which are the best house agents in Bristol?

With the house agent craze gaining momentum, we’re here to tell you which agents are the right fit for your business.This guide will help you choose the right agents for your house agent market.There are two types of house agents: those that work with clients or are paid for it and those that only work […]

When Halstead house agent’s daughter’s brother goes missing, they are caught in a mystery

BLACKBURN, England (Reuters) – When the home of an African-American house agent is raided by the FBI, they find themselves in the middle of a mystery.Key points:Police say the house agent who lived with the father of one of the family’s victims is a suspect in the murder of the victim’s brotherThe police say the […]

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