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What you need to know about the housing agent that stole your house

What you should know about a house agent who stole your home.Read moreWhat you should do to protect yourselfThe real estate agent is someone who offers you a place to live, often to help you pay for a mortgage or property taxes.They are also responsible for the sale of your home and helping you navigate […]

When the cops went to the house agent’s home, they found the agent’s son’s face covered in blood

Posted July 31, 2018 17:59:30A family in Melbourne’s south-west is pleading with police to take action after a police dog found their own dead son’s body inside a house.The family’s neighbour, David, told 7.30 he was awoken by the sound of a dog barking at about 7.15am on July 31.“He’s a very nice dog, he’s […]

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