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Pornhub House Agent: We’ve Been Accused of Failing to Deliver Porn on Time

Hollywood is on the verge of becoming a place where the people who make porn are accused of failing to deliver on time.On Tuesday, pornhub reported that its agent, Brooke Johnson, had been accused of “failing to deliver porn” on time after she allegedly told her husband she was “not doing it.”Johnson allegedly made the […]

Pornhub’s Redruth: The most dangerous places to live

In her new book, Pornhub house agents RedrUTH: The Most Dangerous Places to Live, PornHub founder and CEO Red Ruth recounts the horrific reality of her company’s work.The book, which Red has been working on since 2015, chronicles her journey from the humble beginnings of her fledgling company to the pinnacle of her career.Red is […]

UK house agents to start paying for sex with clients

NEW YORK — British house agents have started paying for their clients’ sex on pornhub, with one agent saying the site was the only way she could make ends meet.Inverness house agents told CNNMoney that they had a “very happy and productive” relationship with the site and that their clients pay up to £40 a […]

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