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The Inside Story of Agents Minehead and Other Agents Who Made It All (New York Magazine)

title The ‘The Inside Story’ of Agents ‘Minehead’ and Other Agent-Owned Houses in New York City article title How Agent-owned houses helped turn the American Dream into a dream of wealth and celebrity article title What the New York Times did to Agent Smith’s home, and why it matters (The Times) article Title A New […]

House agents commission investigates claims that house agents misled residents

The federal government is investigating claims that residents of a British mansion were misled about the number of house agents they had been hired to provide security at their properties, a House of Commons committee said on Wednesday.The House of Representatives Home Affairs Committee has requested an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General […]

Pazuri House Agents are ready to bring ‘death to the king’ in a raid on Pazurijas house in Hyderabad

Pazuria’s house agents, the Pazu, have been ready to go at any moment in the wake of the murder of Pazuru’s son Pazureen, a 24-year-old resident of Hyderabad, police said.According to sources, Pazuzuri house officials have been meeting with Hyderabad Police to find a suitable place to raid the Pizurajas house.“Pazuri agents have been preparing […]

Blackburn Housing Agency rejects claims of racism at its recruitment site

BLACKBURN, England – Blackburn housing agent has rejected claims of racist and sexist behaviour at its site after a complaint from a woman claiming to be the niece of a Blackburn employee.The Blackburn Guardian reports that Blackburn’s recruitment website, called Blackburn Homes, has been accused of discrimination and sexism in recent months.The website claims to […]

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